Growing the sport of lacrosse in the Tahoma School District since 1999.


The following candidates are running for Tahoma Lacrosse Board Positions for the 2017 - 2018 Season.  If you are interested in volunteering to serve, please see the duties for the position and email your qualification and reasons why you are interested to

Position Current Candidates
President: Dan Sauerbier (incumbent)
Vice President:  

Jeni Berry(incumbent)

Logistics Coordinator: Rebecca Landrey (incumbent)
Boys Program Director:

Andy Robinson (incumbent)

Boys Youth Coordinator:

Scott Person (incumbent)

Girls Program Director:  
Girls Youth Director: Lindsi Wolf (incumbent)
Equipment Manager: Rachel Mark (incumbent)
Fundraising Chair: Kelsey Isbel (incumbent)




Vice President:

Jo Haverfield



Jeni Berry



Logistics Coordinator

Rebecca Landrey

My name is Rebecca Landrey and I am interested in being the next Logistics Coordinator.  As a mother of four, two within the Tahoma Lacrosse program, I know the importance of making sure that practice schedules are set and that all parties involved know where they need to be and when.  

I think that my experience as a mother and knowing the importance of good field times for our lacrosse players, aides me in being a good fit of this position.  I have long wanted to get more involved with the lacrosse club and this is a great place for me to get started.  

I thank you for your consideration for this position and look forward to helping out the club any way I can. 

Boys Program Director

Andy Robinson

I've been the Logistics coordinator for the past 2 years and have both TLAX Board experience and a desire to help as the boys program director this year. 

Boys Youth Coordinator

Scott Person

I have been a part of the club since my oldest son started playing in the fifth grade and have taken the time to learn about the club and directions it has taken in that time frame. As he moves out of the youth program into the high school program, I’d like to see the continued growth of the youth program, as my youngest son has started to participate at the 3/4 level. I believe the youth program plays an instrumental part in growing and maintaining the membership and players that feed into the high school program and one of the important ways to accomplish this to assure that the players and family’s have an environment that keeps both excited about the game, and that they can learn and prepare themselves for a competitive his school career. I have served on multiple boards ranging from non profits and for profit organizations and understand the dynamics of that environment. I believe I am at a point to move from being a part of the club to taking a more active role and be more involved in the club and hopefully bring value to the players AND their families.

Girls Program Director


Equipment Manager

Rachel Mark


Fundraising Chair

Kelsey Isbel


Girls Youth Director

Lindsi Wolf

My name is Lindsi Wolf, and while I have no official Lacrosse experience, I am interested in helping to keep the girls youth program alive and well. I would like to run for the Girls Youth Director, because I would love to see this program succeed and grow. I would also love to be more involved with the program, and the sport.

I am currently on the new Tahoma Elementary PTO board, and participate in various other volunteer opportunities, so I am fully aware of the importance of volunteers and how much their duties are needed.

My daughter started out with the sport last year as a third grader, in the Cubs program after school. She then participated in the Skills clinic this past Fall, and loved it so much that she is currently on the 3/4 team.

We are learning so much about the sport, and are loving it as a family! We are fully involved, and committed, to the club and to the opportunities that it presents for the kids. My family wants to do everything we can to ensure that the program can continue.