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All Conference

Player NameAwardPositionYear
Gideon AlegadoSouth Puget Sound 4A First TeamMidfield2023
Jake WynecoopSouth Puget Sound 4A First TeamAttack2023
Sean CallahanSouth Puget Sound 4A First TeamDefense2023
Ethan TannerSouth Puget Sound 4A Second TeamLong Stick Midfield2023
Cadence HendrixSouth Puget Sound 4A Second TeamGoalie2023
Jake WynecoopPuget - Pierce 4A First TeamAttack2022
Connor ByePuget - Pierce 4A First TeamAttack2022
Gunnar HyndenPuget - Pierce 4A First TeamMidfield2022
Mason ScottPuget - Pierce 4A First TeamMidfield2022
Quinn TracyPuget - Pierce 4A First TeamDefense2022
Gideon AlegadoPuget - Pierce 4A Second TeamAttack2022
James BrocksmithPuget - Pierce 4A Second TeamDefense2022
Cadence HendrixPuget - Pierce 4A Honorable MentionGoalie2022
Carter WarmPuget Sound First TeamAttack2019
Joe ConnellyPuget Sound First TeamAttack2019
Conner LundPuget Sound First TeamDefense2019
Ben KindgrenPuget Sound Second TeamAttack2019
Cameron BentleyPuget Sound Second TeamAttack2019
Alex MoreauPuget Sound Second TeamLSM2019
Bret BerryPuget Sound Honorable MentionGoalie2019
Carter WarmPuget Sound First TeamAttack2018
Declan NolanPuget Sound First TeamFace Off2018
Caden HaverfieldPuget Sound First TeamLSM2018
Carter McDanielsPuget Sound First TeamDefense2018
Ben KindgrenPuget Sound Second TeamAttack2018
Conner LundPuget Sound Second TeamDefense2018
Tim McGoneglePuget Sound Honorable MentionMidfield2018
Mathias TaylorPuget Sound First TeamAttack2017
Carter WarmPuget Sound First TeamAttack2017
Eli PryzchodenPuget Sound First TeamMidfield2017
Thomas ScofieldPuget Sound First TeamDefense2017
Keegan SullivanPuget Sound Second TeamMidfield2017
Caden HaverfieldPuget Sound Second TeamLSM2017
Carter McDanielsPuget Sound Second TeamDefense2017
Trevor LarsenFirst Team All SPSLAttack2016
Matty TaylorFirst Team All SPSLAttack2016
Eli PryzchodenFirst Team All SPSLMidfield2016
Thomas ScofieldFirst Team All SPSLLSM2016
Macen GranlundFirst Team All SPSLDefense2016
Hudson TaylorFirst Team All SPSLAttack2015
Dakoda BargerFirst Team All SPSLMidfield2015
Brody SullivanFirst Team All SPSLMidfield2015
Macen GranlundFirst Team All SPSLDefense2015
Dustin HendrixFirst Team All SPSLGoalie2015
Trevor LarsenSecond Team All SPSLAttack2015
Brody SullivanFirst Team All SPSLAttack2014
Dakoda BargerSecond Team All SPSLMidfield2014
Macen GranlundSecond Team All SPSLDefense2014
Nate GowdeyHonorable Mention All SPSLNate Gowdey2014
Hudson TaylorFirst Team All SPSLAttack2004

All American

Player NameYearAward
Ethan Tanner2024US Lacrosse High School All American
Jake Wynecoop2023US Lacrosse High School All American
Carter Warm2019US Lacrosse High School All American
Hudson Taylor2015US Lacrosse High School All American
Adam Sterling2003US Lacrosse High School Academic All American

Tyler Johnson Award Winners


The TJ Award is one of our club's highest honors.

Tyler Johnson was a player and a coach at Tahoma, leading Tahoma to state titles both as a coach and a player. Tyler helped create the Tahoma Lacrosse Club in 1999 and is considered a contributing founder.  This award (and scholarship for seniors) has been established in his honor. The criteria for this award is based on respect for one another including: teammates, coaches, referees and opposing teams. Someone who plays with passion and gives 100% effort at all times.

(This award was given to both boys and girls through 2015. Beginning 2016, there is a separate award for girls - the Madison Casey Award.)

Player Name TeamYear
Kellan BeanK2 Black2023
Caleb SungK2 Blue2023
Douglas Carey3/4 Black2023
Malakai Farrow3/4 Blue2023
Olin Selle5/6 Black2023
Collin Maclaurin5/6 Blue2023
Westin Isbell7/82023
Gideon AlegadoVarsity Boys2023
Henry Sawyer3/4 Gold2022
Kash Kitzke3/4 Blue2022
Lucas Allen3/4 Black2022
Levi Leh5/62022
Sam Chamberlain7/82022
Mason ScottVarsity Boys2022
Nash Carothers3/4 Gold2021
Quaid Morrow3/4 Blue2021
Max Peacock5/6 Gold2021
Deacon Corothers5/6 Blue2021
Gene Church7/82021
Thomas BrannonVarsity Boys2021
No Awards in 2020 due to COVID-19
Boden Smith3/4 Gold2019
Keegan Halstead3/4 White2019
Jack Sawyer3/4 Blue2019
Jack Cacciola5/6 Gold2019
Wyatt Stanley5/6 Blue2019
Jake Wynecoop7/82019
Mason ScottJV Boys2019
Keenan KontaratosVarsity Boys2019
Bryce Taylor3/4 Blue2018
Blake Hershberger3/4 Gold2018
Isaac Fox5/62018
Donavan Kaapana7/82018
Taylor BerryJV Boys2018
Cameron BentleyVarsity Boys2018
Jonah Peters3/4 Gold2017
Kolby Richardson3/4 Blue2017
Sean Callahan5/6 Gold2017
Ryder Sloan5/6 Blue2017
Ethan Gillman7/8 Gold2017
Sloan Cunningham7/8 Blue2017
Nick CacciolaJV Boys2017
Ben KindgrenVarsity Boys2017
Jurettee Mason5/6 Gold2016
Braden Adams5/6 Blue2016
Joe Connelly7/8 Gold2016
Tyler BowmanJV Boys2016
Wyatt PhilpotVarsity Boys2016
Gideon Alegado3/4 Gold2015
Nick Cyr3/4 Blue2015
Carson Turner5th Blue2015
Sam Wargo6th Gold2015
Marcus Sansaver7/8B2015
Conner Lund7/8A2015
Tim HoganJV Boys2015
Brody SullivanVarsity Boys2015
Mollie Dagonese5/6 Girls2015
Madie FabieVarsity Girls2015
Dayton Sloan5/6 Blue2014
Andy DeBoldt5/6 White2014
Luke Michel5/6 Gold2014
Will Landrey7/8B2014
Dylan Vita7/8A2014
Adam WulfingC Boys2014
Keegan SullivanJV Boys2014
Joe DonahueVarsity Boys2014
Sophie WulfingVarsity Girls2014
Gabe Kindgren3/42013
Tim McGonegle5/6 Gold2013
Bret Berry5/6 Blue2013
Trace Bishop5/6 White2013
Layne West7/82013
Jeffrey Hostetter7/82013
Jacob KutchJV Boys2013
Joe PedroVarsity Boys2013
Ashley GowdeyVarsity Girls2013
Carson Besst3/42012
Tyler Powell5/62012
Nate Simmons5/62012
Dalton Whelan5/62012
Matthew Simmons7/82012
Dominick Barger7/82012
Wyatt Philpott7/82012
Justin RossBoys Varsity2012
Kaitlyn DigeVarsity Girls2012

Vern Smith Legacy Award Winners

Player NameYear
Matthew Werner2023
Cole McIntyre2022
Gideon Alegado2021
Tyler Bowman2017
Tim Hogan2016
Keegan Irby2015
Brennan Lundquist2014
Blake Lucky2013